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  • Byzar

    The legendary founder of Byzantium, this long-lost Ancient is the Childe of the Antediluvian, Cappadocius. Awoken from a millenia-long torpor in the wake of the 4th Crusade, he now quietly struggles to find his feet in a new epoch.

  • Mary the Black

    Perhaps the most reviled Cainite in all the vampire courts of the East, this heinous creature is responsible for the Final Death of Michael, the ancient Patriarch of Byzantium.

  • Japheth

    One of the oldest active methuselahs, Japheth is thought to have seen more than 8000 years. He is deeply loyal to his sire, Cappadocius, and sometimes wanders the world on his sire's business.

  • Yorak

    Old, cruel and wise beyond the ken of mortal and Cainite alike, this Tzimisce is the Paragon and High Priest of the Cult of Metamorphosis. He is one of the oldest and strongest vampires to walk the night - a veritable unliving god.

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