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  • Lucien

    A Roman legionary who served under Julius Caesar himself, this ancient Gangrel is rarely given his proper due because of his comparatively weak generation for one of his years. He has a reputation for being an arrogant loner.

  • Tiberiu

    A handsome yet feral Vlach with a flair for the dramatic, this Gangrel serves the broken Council of Ashes as their habitual messenger.

  • Thomas Feroux

    Before the Fourth Crusade, Feroux and his coterie of loyal Gangrel served the Obertus Tzimisce, They were responsible for enforcing the Codex of Legacies in the Queen of Cities. He vanished during the Sack, and is thought to lie in torpor somewhere.

  • Mitru

    The Prince of Cluj and Napoca, for he refuses to use the German name of Klausenburg. This cunning and courageous Gangrel protects his city fiercely and without compromise, exacting a blood tithe from the people in return for his efforts.

  • Arnulf

    This Gothic elder is preeminent among the Gangrel of the east; he despises civilisation and the softness that it brings, and he plots to bring it all down.

  • Lorea

    A simple peasant girl, saved from the woods by her sister, now roams Cluj-Napoca and the wilds beyond it. She is an ally and sometime student of Maude Khlesl.

  • Nicoleta

    Reveling in the night and the wild drives of her new existence, Nicoleta currently stalks the surrounds of Cluj-Napoca. She is a disciple of Arnulf the Goth.

  • Tohumir

    This Gangrel ancilla appears to be the chief inheritor of the legacy and reputation of Velatorix the Averni, the destroyed elder referred to by Lucien and Bernhard as "the Savage".

  • Zivak

    Zivak "Vlk Zabijak" (the Wolf-Killer in Serbian) is a Gangrel ancilla, and the loyal progeny of Tohumir the Wend. He has a strong relationship with his Beast, and excels at channeling it and "riding the frenzy".

  • Milov Petrenkov

    This Gangrel ancilla is renowned among his clan for his hunting prowess. He is a loner of sorts, eschewing a pack and socialising with his brother and sister Animals only at the rare Gathers that he attends.

  • Urbien

    The eldest of the Baron's Gangrel, this ancilla trapped in the body of a boy on the cusp of manhood is an insolent rogue. Luckily for him, he was also undeniably effective in his role. He fled the city in 1204, and is at large in the West.

  • Verpus Sauzezh

    One of the more active captains among the Baron's Gangrel, this Seljuk tended to watch over his own people in the markets and slums of Constantinople. In the new Latin era, he has taken to travelling the Seljuk lands but he returns from time to time.

  • Draguta

    A Gangrel Sinner of the northern Carpathians, this archer and scout despises Christianity and the soft ways of Civilisation. She is a priestess of Veles.

  • Rollo

    This Gangrel elder is much feared and reviled both for his combat prowess and his past history of committing diablerie. He joined the 4th Crusade in the employ of Guy of Provence, hoping for absolution and amnesty. He is at large.

  • Grandfather

    A Lorekeeper of the Road of the Beast, this elder is so old he can not truly guess his years. While not necessarily among the strongest of the Gangrel roaming the fringes of the kingdoms of Europe, he is often accounted the wisest by his clan-mates.

  • Svenin the Tall

    The progeny of Bernhard von Billung, the Red Wolf, is an ally of the coterie known as the 'Concord of Ashes'. Svenin the Tall is known mercenary and Crusader.

  • Morrow the Sage

    This Gangrel elder is an important teacher on the via bestialis, with many allies and contacts across the benighted East. Since the early years of the 13th century, she has sought to ally the various packs of the Gangrel against external threats.

  • Radim

    An aggressive ancilla of the Gangrel clan. He is a pack leader in his own right, allied to the more powerful elder known as Morrow the Sage.

  • Toma

    A powerful ancilla of the Gangrel. Toma the Bear and his pack haunt the nights of southern Hungary, but he has been known to travel much further afield on behalf of Morrow the Sage.

  • Zugol

    This Gangrel lacks an offical title in Raluca's domains, but it is widely understood that his role falls somewhere between major-domo, chief aide-de-camp, and scourge. He is rarely far from her side.

  • Odda

    Childe to Svenin the Tall, and grandchilde to Bernhard the Red Wolf, this warrior is captain of the famed Black Lion mercenary company. He and his men conduct their trade in the neighbourhood of the Byzantine East and Outremer.

  • Armis

    An ally to Iulia and Veceslav, this ancilla was a consummate warrior, skilled healer, and passable minstrel when the mood took him. He was a wanderer of many lands, and a stranger in all of them.

  • Miriam

    Miriam spent her early Cainite years in and around Jerusalem, working as a hired knife for the circle of Phobos. It was in this capacity she met Armis the Gangrel, and learned that he had sired her years ago. She came under his protection and travelled

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