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  • Procet

    A senator of the Lexor Brujah, this secretive ancilla and his agents are active in the lands from Hungary to Outremer, attempting to seed and foster their sway among the cities and nations of the East. He is the unoffical second of Natalya Syvatoslav.

  • Sir Conrad de Monreal

    A veteran of the Third Crusade and a senator of the Lexor Brujah, this valiant and pious knight was forced to remove himself from the Concord for their own protection. He resides in Constantinople, as a spy for the Lexor Brujah within the New Latin Order.

  • Natalya Syvatoslav

    The Autokrator of the Lexor Brujah, this ancilla was ultimately responsible for administrating the mammoth Byzantine bueaucracy. Since the fall of the city to the Latins, she has set herself up as a power in the Despotate of Epirus.

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