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  • Nahum Ben Enosh

    This secretive elder is one of the last remaining childer of Saulot, the destroyed antediluvian of the broken Salubri clan. He is a noted sage, a great healer, and a font of practical wisdom.

  • Achmet the Dreamer

    This eccentric Salubri seeks the state of Golconda through his dreams. He hopes to recapture the essence of his mortal soul, so that he might perfectly balance it with the savagery of the Beast. He has not been seen since the Great Sack in 1204.

  • Orpheus

    This elder of the hunted Salubri clan is a mysterious and compelling Cainite, who had potent friends among the Trinity families. Rescued from the Tremere by the Concord, he took shelter with the Obertus Tzimisce until he vanished during the Great Sack.

  • Maluziel

    An elder Warrior of the failing Salubri clan, this hunter of the Baali and other infernal powers continues in his vocation, wandering the countries of the Mediterranean just a few steps in front of the Tremere who would hunt him.

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