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  • Lucien

    A Roman legionary who served under Julius Caesar himself, this ancient Gangrel is rarely given his proper due because of his comparatively weak generation for one of his years. He has a reputation for being an arrogant loner.

  • Dietrich von Steyer

    A relic of the former High Clan regime of Vienna, this miserly elder once sought to find a use for his recalcitrant progeny. She has both succeeded beyond his wildest dreams, and failed beyond his deepest anxieties.

  • Gabor

    Formerly a Voivode of some power in Bulgaria, as well as the favoured progeny of a scion of the Clan Tzimisce, this elder fell on hard times and wound up a vassal of the Obertus family of Byzantium. He is now adjudged an embarrassing failure by the clan.

  • Symeon

    This Byzantine elder was the the leader of the Draconians, a secular subsect of the Obertus Order, as well as the Tzimisce Quaesitor of Byzantium. He fled the city during the Great Sack, and is thought to be somewhere in Greater Hungary.

  • Fariq al-Kareem

    A humble, cultured Turkish merchant of the Royal Market of Pest, this Assamite bears the dubious distinction of being one of the farthest flung ambassadors of his clan.

  • Ducas

    Once the Antonian Palace Prefect, this elder claimed the imperial family as his dominion. For centuries he was one of the most influential Cainites in the empire, but he lost it all in 1204. He is believed to have suffered the Final Death soon after.

  • Arnulf

    This Gothic elder is preeminent among the Gangrel of the east; he despises civilisation and the softness that it brings, and he plots to bring it all down.

  • Durga Syn

    Equal parts wise-woman, prophet, charlatan and scholar of mysteries, this self-admitted meddler wanders the fringes of Europe looking for ways to ameliorate the worst excesses of the Children of Caine and better the lot of the kine.

  • Siegfried

    This Ventrue elder is hunted by the Knights of Blood of his own clan for the crime of diablerie; he fights to make his own city, free from the machinations of his kind.

  • Hrothulf

    This Ventrue elder is hunted by the Knights of Blood of his own clan for the crime of diablerie; he cares not for their judgement, nor their agents of vengeance. He lives for battle, and the challenge of destroying his would-be executioners.

  • Urbien

    The eldest of the Baron's Gangrel, this ancilla trapped in the body of a boy on the cusp of manhood is an insolent rogue. Luckily for him, he was also undeniably effective in his role. He fled the city in 1204, and is at large in the West.

  • Nahum Ben Enosh

    This secretive elder is one of the last remaining childer of Saulot, the destroyed antediluvian of the broken Salubri clan. He is a noted sage, a great healer, and a font of practical wisdom.

  • Gabriella of Genoa

    The Bishop of the Genoese district of the Latin Quarter, this ancilla was sympathetic to the Dream. She faked her death in the spring of AD 1198, only to return during the 4th Crusade before making a play for the princedom in 1206.

  • Gallasyn

    This elder is a broken wreck of his former glory. Centuries ago he was the Michaelite Muse of Sculpture, but he came down very far in the world by the the time of the 4th Crusade. Revealed as one of the outlawed Chosen of Calomena, he then fled the city.

  • Shabah

    A diplomat for the Assamite clan, Shabah dwelt in Constantinople for some 10 years prior to the Great Sack. Shortly before the city fell, Helena the Armenian outed her as a murderer and she was forced into hiding. Shabah fled the city shortly after.

  • Narses

    This withered, wizened and seemingly frail elder was once the Prince of Venice, Lord of her scattered territories and Archbishop of Nod. He was given the Final Death in 1215, diablerised by his childe, Guilelmo Aliprando.

  • Troglodytia

    This elder of the Clan of Death has been obliged to find far more intimacy with it than even many of her clanmates. She is truly monstrous to behold, resembling a walking, rotting corpse.

  • Koban

    This inscrutable and terrible elder of the Tzimisce is Voivode of Vranca, a large territory between the Carpathians and the Black Sea. Unusual for a Voivode, he is also a Master Koldun.

  • Velya cel Jupuitor

    A reclusive and paternalistic elder of the Tzimisce, Velya the Flayer is a master Koldun and a Shaper priest of great power. He is more interested in his obscure studies than seeking status in the clan, but he sometimes trades his instruction for boons.

  • Vladimir Rustovich

    The so-called Voivode of Voivodes, Vladimir Rustovich, is the most temporally powerful Tzimisce in the clan. Provided he can back it with force and success, his power is akin to a Cainite monarch. Many Ventrue would give a king's ransome for his head...

  • Nicepherus

    This traditionalist elder was the Caesar Magister of the Antonian Ventrue before the Great Sack. As such, he was responsible for coordinating the spheres of influence within the family. Now, as first among his kin, he simply calls himself Caesar.

  • Rollo

    This Gangrel elder is much feared and reviled both for his combat prowess and his past history of committing diablerie. He joined the 4th Crusade in the employ of Guy of Provence, hoping for absolution and amnesty. He is at large.

  • Grandfather

    A Lorekeeper of the Road of the Beast, this elder is so old he can not truly guess his years. While not necessarily among the strongest of the Gangrel roaming the fringes of the kingdoms of Europe, he is often accounted the wisest by his clan-mates.

  • Roberto di Noldo

    An noted historian, genealogist and physician hailing from the Clan of Death, Roberto is the oldest pilgrim of the Fourth Crusade. He is neutral in the politics that beset the enterprise, concerned only with edifying his medical knowledge.

  • Drenis

    Called the Charnel-Maid by her clan, this ancient Cappadocian was briefly involved in the capture and execution of Aglaia, the ousted prince of Korkyra. She is a recluse, contemplating the pursuit of Golconda.

  • Visya

    This secretive, powerful and paranoid Tzimisce elder was the Voivode of Rgen in Transylvania; he is despised by his more traditional clanmates for his foreign alliances and ways, and scorned by his peers as a failure.

  • Sariel

    An uncanny member of the Michaelites, the "Fallen Angel" was notorious in the city for his delusions of angelic grandeur and feared for his effectiveness as the Arbiter's agent. He was terribly burned during the Great Sack and vanished afterwards.

  • Serafina d'Amalfi

    A Ventrue elder from the Amalfitan Coast; seemingly aloof from the cut-and-thrust politics of the Latin Quarter and more interested in enjoying herself, she is one of the few Latins to enjoy the hospitality of Cainites from every part of the city.

  • Achmet the Dreamer

    This eccentric Salubri seeks the state of Golconda through his dreams. He hopes to recapture the essence of his mortal soul, so that he might perfectly balance it with the savagery of the Beast. He has not been seen since the Great Sack in 1204.

  • Orpheus

    This elder of the hunted Salubri clan is a mysterious and compelling Cainite, who had potent friends among the Trinity families. Rescued from the Tremere by the Concord, he took shelter with the Obertus Tzimisce until he vanished during the Great Sack.

  • Eletria

    A fiercely beautiful woman said to hail from Ancient Sparta, this Toreador briefly relocated to Constantinople at the turn of the 13th century. She became Muse of Sculpture, but fled Constantinople for safer climes after the 4th Crusade conquered it.

  • Noriz

    Known as the Corruptor of Legions, this warlord rules the night over much of Moldavia. He is a true Fiend, responsible for the Embrace of dozens of bloodthirsty, power hungry monsters.

  • Adam

    An elder of the Clan of Death with ties to the Rabbinite Jewish community of Jerusalem. He serves his ancient sire as assistant and go-between with the other Cainites of the Holy City.

  • Maluziel

    An elder Warrior of the failing Salubri clan, this hunter of the Baali and other infernal powers continues in his vocation, wandering the countries of the Mediterranean just a few steps in front of the Tremere who would hunt him.

  • Argus

    A skilled demon hunter and sorcerer, this Brujah is the companion and sometime student of the mighty Salubri Warrior, Maluziel.

  • Vashtai

    This mysterious figure, an almost forgotten childe of the late Patriarch Michael, has long haunted the western provinces of the Byzantine empire, intent on her inscrutable intrigues. Since 1204, she has been increasingly active in Constantinople.

  • Morrow the Sage

    This Gangrel elder is an important teacher on the via bestialis, with many allies and contacts across the benighted East. Since the early years of the 13th century, she has sought to ally the various packs of the Gangrel against external threats.

  • The Uta

    The ancient guardian of the Buzu Pass, this creature blends the lines between spirit, Cainite, woman, and faerie. She mediates between the Nosferatu of Balvanyos and the Winter Ancestors of the Keep of Razors.

  • Irendo Torenu

    A legendary Ravnos elder of the Phralmulo, this merry trickster also has a reputation as being capable of great cruelty when he deems it necessary.

  • Marin ot Pernik

    The late, older consanguineous brother of Veceslav Basarab. He betrayed Gabor centuries ago, and finally paid for his treachery with his life in December of 1204, when his sire destroyed him in the battle for the throne of Sophia.

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