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  • Rolf Rathinger

    A vastly wealthy Kronstadter, this merchant enjoys considerable influence as the master of the Most Worshipful Guild of Merchants and Traders. He served as mayor from 1189 until 1208, and remains a city councillor even now.

  • Samuka

    A ferocious Szekler warrior and raider; unimaginative and brutal, his fanatical loyalty to his chieftain, Mikls, was literally undying. He was slain in combat with Teutonic knight known Berengar von Dohna.

  • Filip

    A cruel and sadistic Szekler scout from the fort and village of Bodzafordul. Present during an ambush upon the Ashen Band, he fled the fight. He was later seen suffering terrible torture in the palace of the Winter Prince of the Fae.

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