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  • Zugol

    This Gangrel lacks an offical title in Raluca's domains, but it is widely understood that his role falls somewhere between major-domo, chief aide-de-camp, and scourge. He is rarely far from her side.

  • Doru Basarab

    As Warden (sheriff) of Cmpulung, Doru is responsible for the security and good order of his sire's domain. Unusual for a Tzimisce, he seems to display respect and regard for the mortals in his care.

  • Raluca of Câmpulung

    The Knezna of Cmpulung and Arge, this potent Tzimisce once harboured ambitions to rise to the position of Voivode. Having failed, she now vacillates between melancholy and disinterest, leaving the governance of her demesnes to her progeny.

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