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  • Gabor

    Formerly a Voivode of some power in Bulgaria, as well as the favoured progeny of a scion of the Clan Tzimisce, this elder fell on hard times and wound up a vassal of the Obertus family of Byzantium. He is now adjudged an embarrassing failure by the clan.

  • Grozdan of Trnovo

    A former ghoul, Grozdan was secretly Embraced by Gabor the Bulgar in 1198, and given to Lars Sveengard to train. Abandoned by his sire in 1204, he now serves Prince Bela of Sophia in his brute squad.

  • Iordan of Vladaya

    Grandchilde to Gabor the Bulgar, this minor knez was long a vassal of Basilio the Elder. Although he allied with Gabor to reclaim Sophia, he was actually a double agent placed by Bela Rusenko, and he readily betrayed his grandsire to the Cappadocians.

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