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  • Erzebet Toth

    This Tzimisce neonate of Szekler blood walks the Road of the Beast instinctively. She is a cruel Cainite, but is deeply loyal to her family and her people.

  • Bodor Toth

    The reclusive Knez of Toth, this ancilla is a cold and vengeful Tzimisce, who bears a twisted love for his family and loyalty to his people. Despite his relative youth, he is a master of Auspex. Bodor is an ally of the Concord.

  • Angyalka Pecely

    The daughter of the Tzimisce Bodor Toth, this gentle lady long ago chose love over station. She is the nearest thing that Toth has to a healer and wise woman.

  • Dévald Toth

    The deceased mortal boyar of Toth, Dvald was a hard man and a natural leader. He was deeply loyal to his people and his family, and forcibly became accustomed to making difficult decisions to protect both. Dvald passed away early in the winter of 1207.

  • Kilián Toth

    The charming, inquisitive Szekler is the son and former ghoul of Bodor Toth, the secret Boyar of the Bostral Pass. Kilin fled his family and their lands during Koban's assault.

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