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  • Lucien

    A Roman legionary who served under Julius Caesar himself, this ancient Gangrel is rarely given his proper due because of his comparatively weak generation for one of his years. He has a reputation for being an arrogant loner.

  • Procet

    A senator of the Lexor Brujah, this secretive ancilla and his agents are active in the lands from Hungary to Outremer, attempting to seed and foster their sway among the cities and nations of the East. He is the unoffical second of Natalya Syvatoslav.

  • Tiberiu

    A handsome yet feral Vlach with a flair for the dramatic, this Gangrel serves the broken Council of Ashes as their habitual messenger.

  • Arianne

    A self-appointed cultural ambassador of the French Courts of Love, this Toreador is touring the Eastern courts, hoping to pass on the tenets of chivalry and courtly love.

  • Arnulf

    This Gothic elder is preeminent among the Gangrel of the east; he despises civilisation and the softness that it brings, and he plots to bring it all down.

  • Lucia d'Aragon

    A beautiful Lasombra diplomat representing the interests of her sire and clan at large, Lucia d'Aragon has come into her own in the treacherous political waters of the War of Princes. She moves between Madrid, Barcelona, and Constantinople regularly.

  • Anatole

    This madman is the sometime companion and protector of Lucita d'Aragon in her travels. He is seer of sorts, motivated to pursue esoteric goals by the voices of angels.

  • Sherazhina

    A spirited, independent-minded young lady of the Romanian nobility; she was rescued from a slave block in 1197, and she soon became an ally and ward of the Concord. She now lives in a secret location known only to Iulia and Maude.

  • Durga Syn

    Equal parts wise-woman, prophet, charlatan and scholar of mysteries, this self-admitted meddler wanders the fringes of Europe looking for ways to ameliorate the worst excesses of the Children of Caine and better the lot of the kine.

  • Siegfried

    This Ventrue elder is hunted by the Knights of Blood of his own clan for the crime of diablerie; he fights to make his own city, free from the machinations of his kind.

  • Hrothulf

    This Ventrue elder is hunted by the Knights of Blood of his own clan for the crime of diablerie; he cares not for their judgement, nor their agents of vengeance. He lives for battle, and the challenge of destroying his would-be executioners.

  • Milov Petrenkov

    This Gangrel ancilla is renowned among his clan for his hunting prowess. He is a loner of sorts, eschewing a pack and socialising with his brother and sister Animals only at the rare Gathers that he attends.

  • Galnetz

    A very unusual Tzimisce who believes in the power of science to free men from superstition and poverty. An astrologer, explorer, cartographer and metaphysician, he was an extreme breath of fresh air in the hostile Cainite climate of Transylvania.

  • Nahum Ben Enosh

    This secretive elder is one of the last remaining childer of Saulot, the destroyed antediluvian of the broken Salubri clan. He is a noted sage, a great healer, and a font of practical wisdom.

  • Zelios

    This Nosferatu master mason is famed throught Transylvania, Hungary, Bulgaria and the Balkans for his proficiency at designing and building castles.

  • Grandfather

    A Lorekeeper of the Road of the Beast, this elder is so old he can not truly guess his years. While not necessarily among the strongest of the Gangrel roaming the fringes of the kingdoms of Europe, he is often accounted the wisest by his clan-mates.

  • Japheth

    One of the oldest active methuselahs, Japheth is thought to have seen more than 8000 years. He is deeply loyal to his sire, Cappadocius, and sometimes wanders the world on his sire's business.

  • Achmet the Dreamer

    This eccentric Salubri seeks the state of Golconda through his dreams. He hopes to recapture the essence of his mortal soul, so that he might perfectly balance it with the savagery of the Beast. He has not been seen since the Great Sack in 1204.

  • Orpheus

    This elder of the hunted Salubri clan is a mysterious and compelling Cainite, who had potent friends among the Trinity families. Rescued from the Tremere by the Concord, he took shelter with the Obertus Tzimisce until he vanished during the Great Sack.

  • Svenin the Tall

    The progeny of Bernhard von Billung, the Red Wolf, is an ally of the coterie known as the 'Concord of Ashes'. Svenin the Tall is known mercenary and Crusader.

  • Maluziel

    An elder Warrior of the failing Salubri clan, this hunter of the Baali and other infernal powers continues in his vocation, wandering the countries of the Mediterranean just a few steps in front of the Tremere who would hunt him.

  • Argus

    A skilled demon hunter and sorcerer, this Brujah is the companion and sometime student of the mighty Salubri Warrior, Maluziel.

  • Morrow the Sage

    This Gangrel elder is an important teacher on the via bestialis, with many allies and contacts across the benighted East. Since the early years of the 13th century, she has sought to ally the various packs of the Gangrel against external threats.

  • Silas

    A juggler, tumbler and all around entertainer who, until AD 1211, enjoyed a fairly good reputation for his services to the High Clans of France and the Holy Roman Empire. His perfidy as a thief now revealed, he is welcome in few High Clan domains.

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