Alternate Identity

(modified from Libellus Sanguinis 4: Thieves in the Night, pp. 38-39)

In Dark Medieval Europe, it not very difficult to simply assume another name and identity. Communications do not move swiftly and if one knows everything she must to pass as her assumed persona, she can claim whatever anyone will believe. Such quick identities rarely stand up to concerted scrutiny however. Especially in Cainite circles, where records of lineage and age-old alliances make backgrounds easier to verify, a well-established identity takes years- often decades- to create and build. The Cainite wishing to establish a plausible cover story that will stand up to investigation, should suspicion fall upon them, must work slowly and carefully.

This background represents that time and effort, and thus how difficult it is to find inconsistencies in the Cainite’s false persona, as well as how much status that persona might confer when in use. Storytellers can use 5 + Alternate Identity as the difficulty on extended investigative actions undertaken to find the truth behind the cover identity. The actual ability to masquerade as a different person, however, falls under the Subterfuge, Disguise, and Perfromance (acting) abilities.

Players can take this background multiple times at multiple levels for multiple identities. Storytellers are free to limit the use of this Background and demand detailed explanations. False identities often require the help of allies to establish, for example.

  • Level One: Your identity is new and won’t stand much scrutiny. It’s fine for casual interactions, but if anyone decides to investigate your background, he’s likely to discover the truth.
  • Level Two: Your identity can stand up to investigation under most conditions. If someone is determined to find the truth about your background, he will likely succeed with effort.
  • Level Three: Your identity is known to a few fiefs and you actually have name recognition in those cities and territories.
  • Level Four: You are not only known, you have a strong reputation across several fiefs.
  • Level Five: Your identity is impeccable and you are a respected member of your chosen clan. Should the truth about your persona come to light, even an elder or two will vouch for you.

Alternate Identity

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