Feeding on Animals

Most Cainites (other than Ventrue) are familiar with the expedient decision to feed on an animal when human vitae is either absent or unwanted. Indeed, a willingness and ability to do so is a handy trick when on the road, or when forced to hunt among areas that are thinly populated. Most Gangrel, Nosferatu and Ravnos think little of snacking on the vitae of rats, sheep, cattle or horses to supplement their “diets”. However, for the most part, few vampires choose to subsist on animals on an extended basis as they find the vitae of non-humans to be thin and lacking in vigour. Indeed, those who would do so will eventually think of little else other than the thrill of the Hunt, the gush of hot, sweet arterial blood, and the sense of satiation (however short) that only the vitae of a human can offer. In theory, a careful, strong-willed vampire possessed of strong powers of self-control could exist as a “farmer” of sorts, maintaining flocks of sheep or herds of cattle, but the odd slip is inevitable.

To represent this, I have instituted the following house rule:

In addition to the reduced effective blood pools that animals offer, if a Cainite subsists solely on the vitae of non-humans for an entire week, the difficulty to resist frenzy at the sight or smell of human blood increases by +1. If his feeding practices do not change, each following week causes an additional +1 to the difficulty, to a maximum of 9.

This can cause a nasty feedback, as the reduced sustenance that animals offer might lead to the desperate vampire being extraordinarily hungry, perhaps even on the verge of Frenzy, the next time they encounter a possible human victim.

Note: This house rule will require a revision of the Animalism 6 power known as Animal Succulence. I am also open to a player making a Merit that will allow greater self-control when subsisting on animal vitae.

Feeding on Animals

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