(modified from Vampire the Dark Ages, p. 123)

True medical care approaching exacting standards in the Dark Medieval world exists only in the Byzantine empire and the more enlightened of the Muslim states. Herblore is the best that many of the benighted inhabitants of the West can hope for to find some surcease for the pain and misery that befalls them. This skill covers not just medicinal uses, but culinary, narcotic and poisonous uses as well. A sufficiently skilled herbalist can find, identify, prepare, blend and preserve the correct herbs for cooking, healing and harming. It is said that the greatest herbalists are even capable of bringing magical protections, cures and curses to bear.

  • Level One- Novice: You watched your mother prepare herbs.
  • Level Two- Practiced: You learned all your mother knew.
  • Level Three- Competent: Village ‘wise woman’ or typical apothecary.
  • Level Four- Expert: People come from surrounding villages to buy your herbs and remedies. It is said in some quarters that you can ensure pregnancy, or a quick death.
  • Level Five- Master: You could make an excellent living as an apothecary- or master poisoner.
  • Level Six- Legendary: Some whisper that you can raise the dead, and have knowledge of the rarest herbs, perhaps even extinct ones.

Possessed By: Village Wise Women, Apothecaries, Assassins, Cooks, Healers and Bandits
Specialties: Culinary, Medicinal, Poisonous, Narcotic, Herbal Charms


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