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Factions of Constantinople

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The Magnus Orthodox Lasombra
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The Fourth Crusade

A Short History of the Fourth Crusade

The Fourth Cainite Crusade

The Fifth Crusade

Mortal Pilgrims of the Fifth Crusade

Cainite Pilgrims of the Fifth Crusade

Forces of the Concord

The Black Lion Mercenary Company

Locations of Interest in Transylvania

Gurgau Valley and Priory
The Tihuta Pass
Toth and the Bostral Pass

Draculas castle by araymous

Locations of Interest in the Byzantine Empire


Locations of Interest in Hungary


Locations of Interest in Europe


Locations of Interest in the Byzantine East


Locations of Interest in the Levant


The Traditions of Caine

The First Tradition: Covenant.

“Thy blood makes thee my brood, crafted in my image. My curse thine, my salvation thine. I stand before and above thee as god-regent. I am the way, my Traditions covenant. Renounce me and renounce all hope.”

The Second Tradition: Domain.

“As I am master of Nod, thy domain is thine own concern. Thou art its master, and all will respect this or suffer thy wrath. All will present themselves when entering, and thou shall protect them in turn. By right, thou art allowed to hunt within the bounds of thy domain, its blood thine own. Accept its responsibilities, minister thy domain and pay others the same respect thou expect.”

The Third Tradition: Progeny.

“Thou shalt only sire another with the permission and blessing of thine elder. To create is the providence of those closest to me, for they shall be accountable. Break this, and both thee and thy progeny shall be slain.”

The Fourth Tradition: Accounting.

“Those thou create are thine own blood until released from thy charge. Until that moment, their sins, their blood and their punishments are thine.”

The Fifth Tradition: Destruction.

“Forbidden art thou to spill the blood of another of thy kind who is elder. This right belongs only to the closest to me and none other. It is forbidden for those of weaker blood to rise against their elders.”

The Sixth Tradition: The Silence of Blood.

“Never shalt thou reveal thy true nature to those not of the blood. Doing so shall renounce thy claims to my covenant.”

New & Expanded Backgrounds

Alternate Identity
Byzantine Status
Clan Prestige
Military Force
Spirit Retainers

Expanded Primary Abilities

Talents: Awareness
Talents: Streetwise
Skills: Herbalism
Skills: Meditation
Knowledges: Enigmas
Knowledges: Science

New Secondary Abilities

Talents: Franchise
Talents: Intrigue
Skills: Chivalry
Skills: Torture
Skills: Warfare
Knowledges: Cainite Lore
Knowledges: Heraldry
Knowledges: Magus Lore
Knowledges: Wraith Lore
Knowledges: Werewolf Lore

House Rules

Legacy Character Guidelines
Ability Specialisation
Merits and Flaws
Night Vision
Hunting and Feeding
Feeding on Animals
Feeding on the Dead
Weapon and Armour Lists
Equipment Wear and Damage
Equipment Costs and Frequency

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Session One: Ill met in Constantinople; the investigations begin
Session Two: Further Investigations, Meetings the Serpents & the Seraglio Fraternity
Session Three: Quaesitor politics, finding the Chosen of Calomena.
Session Four: Assault on the Chosen
Session Five: Reports and Consequences; a hunt gone awry
Session Six: Rewards; Blood Feasts of the Antonians & the Bishop

Session Seven: Meetings in Buda-Pest, a mission is taken on. Journey preparations, Veceslav in Esztergom
Session Eight: Sailing to Belgrade, Bandit attack & Gurna slain by the river wight
Session Nine: Aprads of Belgrade, meeting Xenephon the Ventrue, & the road to Vrsac
Session Ten: Xenephon tricked, Vrsac evacuated and the “demons” attack. Meeting the demon-hunters.
Session Eleven: Sir Conrad; The Walord of Timisoara, the Fiends of Lugoj and the ‘haven’ of Faget
Session Twelve: Dobria and Weissenburg, attack of the strange wolves
Session Thirteen:the road to Hermannstadt; “creative” surgury
Session Fourteen: the road to Mediasch, meeting Ambrogino the necromancer
Session Fifteen: Interview with the faux Nova, the road to Klausenburg
Session Sixteen: The Cult of Kupala attacks
Session Seventeen: Unwelcome in Klausenburg
Session Eighteen: Mitru’s ambush & Myca’s assistance
Session Nineteen: Intrigue at Bistritz
Session Twenty: Sir Alaric joins the coterie & blizzard delays
Session Twenty One: The Anonymous Monk & Travelling to Tihuta
Session Twenty Two: Anatole & Lucita & translating the tablets
Session Twenty Three: Scouting and Logistics, Beltzanz & his Ferals
Session Twenty Four: Destroying the Ferals, cowing Letzav
Session Twenty Five: Policing the Pass, Treasure hunt & encounter with a wolf
Session Twenty Six: Tracking the werewolf, Perlina arrives
Session Twenty-Seven: The Stricken Seer, discussing Antediluvians, Cleansing the taint
Session Twenty-Eight: A civilised Fiends & Flight of the Daeva
Session Twenty-Nine: The Concord divided, Iron Covenant visits, the Ravnos gather
Session Thirty: Ravnos flight, Gangrel Pursuit, and Perlina awakes
Session Thirty-One: Red Wolf returns, the master mason arrives, De Nord Sange
Session Thirty-Two: Trial by Combat
Session Thirty-Three: Dealing with the Devils, Loose Ends & Rewards

INTERLUDE ONE: The Witch of Apulon
Session Thirty-Four: Haunted Apulon, the rescue of Rowena d’Alexandre

Session Thirty-Five: Gathering in Venice, meeting Prince Narses
Session Thirty-Six: Council of the 4th Crusade
Session Thirty-Seven: Murder of a Crusader; Accusations and investigations
Session Thirty-Eight: Troglodytia, the Vampire hunters, and the Riots
Session Thirty-Nine: Rescuing Aimery; The Crusade is launched

Session Forty: Sack of Zara, Investigating sabotage
Session Forty-One: Apprehending Erzebet
Session Forty-Two: Obertus Diversions
Session Forty-Three: Arrival in Toth
Session Forty-Four: Preparations for the Trial By War
Session Forty-Five: Trial By War with Koban of Vrancea

INTERLUDE TWO: A Troubled Requiem for the Red Wolf
Session Forty-Six: The Red Wolf falls; Murder in Kronstadt
Session Forty-Seven: Lextalionis, Warlocks and Crusade

Session Forty-Eight: Mortal intrigues, The Crusade at Corfu
Session Forty-Nine: Disease, sabotage & Brujah vengeance
Session Fifty: To capture a Prince & the sacrifice of Arnaud the Brave
Session Fifty-One: Execution and treachery, The Crusade sails for Constantinople

Session Fifty-Two: The Crusade at Negroponte, Abydos & Chrysopolis
Session Fifty-Three: The Crusade takes Galata & Latin Infiltration
Session Fifty-Four: The First Siege of Constantinople, Triumph for the Crusade

Session Fifty-Five: Intrigue in the Latin Quarter, the difficulties of Brother Adalbert
Session Fifty-Six: Maude returns and Iulia enlists Adelbert
Session Fifty-Seven: Veceslav returns from the Processional; rescuing the Unicorn
Session Fifty-Eight: A perilous march to St. John Studius
Session Fifty-Nine: Witnessing the Divinity Within; The Great Fire of 1203
Session Sixty: Michaelite Plots & The Missing Muse
Session Sixty-One: Against the Chosen of Calomena
Session Sixty-Two: Rescuing the Mad Muse, flight and survival
Session Sixty-Three: Cult of the Archangel
Session Sixty-Four: Crumbling Alliances, Extreme Measures
Session Sixty-Five: Investigating Mourtzouphlos, Secret Meetings
Session Sixty-Six: Concocting the downfall of Felix of Vaucluse
Session Sixty-Seven: Infiltrating Galata
Session Sixty-Eight: The Set up
Session Sixty-Nine: The Knock down
Session Seventy: Peace proposal
Session Seventy-One: Making Chalki safe and the betrayal of Shabah
Session Seventy-Two: The Council at Chalki

Session Seventy-Three: The Son of the Red Wolf arrives, Declaration of Annihilation
Session Seventy-Four: The Assault Begins (and fails)
Session Seventy-Five: Constantinople falls; The Monastery of John Studius burns…
Session Seventy-Six: The St. Ladre knights revealed, the Covenant of Three broken.
Session Seventy-Seven: The Chosen of Calomena are broken. Mad Maude returns…
Session Seventy-Eight: The Seraglio Fraternity is lost, Gabriel slain.
Session Seventy-Nine: Flight through the city, Petronius surrounded
Session Eighty: The Rats, the Bats, the Cats and the Angel…
Session Eighty-One: Death of the Patriarch. Facing Mary the Black.
Session Eighty-Two: The House of Fabricius falls. Epilogue to the Dream.

INTERLUDE THREE: The Methuselah Stirs
Session Eighty-Three: Strange tidings at the Acropolis.
Session Eighty-Four: Confluence of Dark Paths. Byzar awakens.

INTERLUDE FOUR: The fight for Sophia
Session Eighty-Five: Arrival, Betrayal and Desperate Decisions
Session Eighty-Six: The Fateful Battle

Session Eighty-Seven: Arrival at Magdeburg
Session Eighty-Eight: Presentation at Lord Jürgen’s Court
Session Eighty-Nine: The Burzenland is declared. Threats of war.
Session Ninety: Theft of the Sword of Roses & Sceptres
Session Ninety-One: Investigations; the Charlatans are caught
Session Ninety-Two: The thief revealed! Pursuit.
Session Ninety-Three: Wet as October. Desperate offers, suspicious minds…
Session Ninety-Four: Strained relations, “Death” of the Ghost, dubious rewards

Rise of the Bull: Wherein the Saxon Ventrue Ulrich von Wettin finds his future in Transylvania
Daughter of Szekelyland: Wherein the Magyar Brujah Helena Korosi finds a focus for her passion and her wrath.
Paladin of the Black Cross: Wherein the Saxon Ventrue Berengar von Dohna finds his road to redemption.
The Gilded Sinner: Wherein the Magyar Tzimisce Kelemen Szantovitch strives to find amusements worthy of his attention.
A Saga Begins: Wherein the Rus Nosferatu Vladka is reborn in horror, blood and hope.

Session Ninety-Five: A legacy is born, and ambition redrawn, in the city of Kronstadt
Session Ninety-Six: Journey to Etteldorf
Session Ninety-Seven: Assaying Etteldorf. Can this work?
Session Ninety-Eight: Ambush.
Session Ninety-Nine: Taking Council with prince and lord. Dead Guard Storage.
Session One Hundred: Sankt Georgen bound.
Session One Hundred and One: Prince of the Szeklers, City of Refuge & the Philosopher Animal
Session One Hundred and Two: Etteldorf finds a people, the coterie pursues their long term goals

Session One Hundred and Three: The Council of Reps; the Problem with Hermannstadt
Session One Hundred and Four: The Wolf Plague and the seeds of war.
Session One Hundred and Five: The Werewolves strike and marching on the Black Cave
Session One Hundred and Six: Battle of the Black Cave; The Sculptor of Wolves falls.

Session One Hundred and Seven: The Ashen Band learns to play together; Dangerous secrets.
Session One Hundred and Eight: Delving into domains; the Szeklers arrive, leadership deals.
Session One Hundred and Nine: The Burnzenland army arrives at Bran; Camp domains; Ulrich staked.
Session One Hundred and Ten: The Band rescues Ulrich and plans change. Arrival at Campulung.
Session One Hundred and Eleven: Negotiations with Raluca and her brood.
Session One Hundred and Twelve: The Ashen Band journey to Curtea de Arges
Session One Hundred and Thirteen: Negotiations with Lambach Ruthven; an outrageous sum.
Session One Hundred and Fourteen: Return to Arges, the Swordbearer’s wrath.
Session One Hundred and Fifteen: Consequences and repercussions. Ostracism and Infamy.

Session One Hundred and Sixteen: Regathering the threads, mending the fences.
Session One Hundred and Seventeen: Marius’ plan; a raid on Buzau. Machinations begin.
Session One Hundred and Eighteen: Fooling the archdeacon, courting the Burgrave, dealing with Tiberiu.
Session One Hundred and Nineteen: Allies gather at Bodzofordulo, the secret ways of Tiberiu.
Session One Hundred and Twenty: The attack of the Varganyi
Session One Hundred and Twenty-One: Leksi, the future of the Varganyi, and Prince Wiprecht.
Session One Hundred and Twenty-Two: Into the Buzau Pass.
Session One Hundred and Twenty-Three: Meeting the Uta, and Crusaders without Crosses.
Session One Hundred and Twenty-Four: The Keep of Razors and the Winter Ancestors.
Session One Hundred and Twenty-Five: Ambushing the Brodniks Cultists of
Session One Hundred and Twenty-Six: The Corpse Tree, the Party of Three, and Urkel Tekol.
Session One Hundred and Twenty-Seven: Entering Urkel Tekol, carnage of the Undying One.
Session One Hundred and Twenty-Eight: The Horror of Tharsătul, fighting the Mother Klavdiya.
Session One Hundred and Twenty-Nine: Plan B for Ulrich & Saga, replacing the Seals of Urkel Tekol.
Session One Hundred and Thirty: The way is clear. The Vales of Wolves and the Outpost. Mala taken prisoner.
Session One Hundred and Thirty-One: Preparing for the attack. Infiltrating the lines of the siege.
Session One Hundred and Thirty-Two: Breaking the Siege of Buzau

STORY 11 and D
Session One Hundred and Thirty-Three: The Fifth Crusade Gathers at Zagreb
Session One Hundred and Thirty-Four: Meeting between Concord and Band. Theophanus arrives.
Session One Hundred and Thirty-Five: The Band settles in. Armis arrives.
Session One Hundred and Thirty-Six: The First Council of the Fifth Cainite Crusade.
Session One Hundred and Thirty-Seven: To meet a king. Investigations into Lady’s Kara’s influence.
Session One Hundred and Thirty-Eight: Of Broken Bards and Impoverished Pilgrims.
Session One Hundred and Thirty-Nine: Arrival at Spalato. The Tyrant Prince, and his terrified progeny.
Session One Hundred and Forty: The Crusade sails for Acre and Haifa.

SIDE TREK: The Siege of Durazzo
Session One: Council at Naupaktos. An alliance is struck between the Epirotes and the Dalmatian Pirates.
Session Two: The Battle of the Cape of Durazzo. The allied fleet attacks the Venetians. Svenin fights Ignazio.
Session Three: Victory at Durazzo. The Venetian fleet abandons the Latin Emperor and flees.

Session One Hundred and Forty-One: The Hospitality of Haifa and Arrival of the Fledgeling.
Session One Hundred and Forty-Two: Deliberations over Descia, subsequent arrival of the Warden of Spalato.
Session One Hundred and Forty-Three: Intercepting the executioners on the Plain of Megiddo.
Session One Hundred and Forty-Four: Battle near Caymont. Ulrich is laid low. Cataro is destroyed.
Solo Session: Armis, Axel, the search for Bernerd Dressler. Wolves in the desert, and attack of the Golden People.
Session One Hundred and Forty-Five: The Hunt for Rossana of Tripoli. Proto-vaulderie for Ulrich.
Session One Hundred and Forty-Six: Roads intertwine at the Green Square. Vicelin de Marseille, Nikephoros the Old, Michael of Durham, Baudouin de Charnoy, Marie de Creuilly, and Odda, the Black Lion, meet the Ashen Band.
Session One Hundred and Forty-Seven: In which the Ashen Band protect Nikephoros the Old from a coterie of Ayyubid Assamites intent on his destruction. They succeed. Mostly, and with an Assamite prisoner. Arrival at Acre,
Session One Hundred and Forty-Eight: The coterie presents themselves to Prince Etienne de Fauberge, and are welcomed at his caravansery, the Three Kings. Intrigue abounds. The Assamite is interrogated.
Session One Hundred and Forty-Nine: The coterie settles in at Acre. The Elysium tent is manoeuvered into prominence. Ulrich “Sparring Tent” takes shape outside the camp of the Crusade, as he distances himself from the Ashen Band.
Session One Hundred and Fifty: The Ashen Band investigates the murder of a local Levantine family, and the subsequent disappearance of Ramir de Cavaillon, Anton Feistritzer, and Marie de Creuilly.
Session One Hundred and Fifty-One: Unpleasant encounter with Hanifa and Khalid al-Rashid. Investigating Caymont and speaking with Balian of Ibelin, al-Shaear Wahid.
Session One Hundred and Fifty-Two: Encounters at the Green Square Caravanseray
Session One Hundred and Fifty-Three: Attack of the Assassins! A prisoner is taken. Nicephoros the Old.
Session One Hundred and Fifty-Four: Tourney at the Three Kings; the Curtain of Faith falls.
Session One Hundred and Fifty-Five: Dash for domain, marking territory, and advancing on the Tower of Flies.
Session One Hundred and Fifty-Six: Labyrinth of Flies, Part I. Against the Cult of Nergal.
Session One Hundred and Fifty-Seven: Labyrinth of Flies, Part II. The Final Death of Adonibaal’zeb.

Session One Hundred and Fifty-Eight: The Concord travels to Beirut. The Hunt of Lôtān.
Session One Hundred and Fifty Nine: The Plague Ground of Al-Jazet. Against the Circle of Phobos.
Session One Hundred and Sixty: Treating with the remnants of the Circle and investigating Al-Jazet.
Session One Hundred and Sixty-One: The Domain of Caesarea, and the interview with “E.”
Session One Hundred and Sixty-Two: Waycastle dominions, sailing for St. Symeon, and the Lôtān returns.
Session One Hundred and Sixty-Three: The strangeness of St. Symeon, and the search for Elijah.
Session One Hundred and Sixty-Four: Travelling to Antioch, and Wrath of the Lord of Darkness.
Session One Hundred and Sixty-Five: The Harrowing of Zarathustra & Cappadocian secrets.
Session One Hundred and Sixty-Six: Returning to Acre & laying plans of stealth.
Session One Hundred and Sixty-Seven: The Judgement of the Court of Acre, or gathering strays…
Session One Hundred and Sixty-Eight: Marching on Bethsan. The Cainite Crusade plans for battle.
Session One Hundred and Sixty-Nine: Arrival at Bethsan, and the calm before the storm.
Session One Hundred and Seventy: The Battle of Bethsan, Part I. The fight begins, the king in jeopardy.
Session One Hundred and Seventy-One: The Battle of Bethsan, Part II. Protect the king! Against the Son of the Sandstorm and the Ashirra.
Session One Hundred and Seventy-Two: To keep Prisoners or not to keep Prisoners…
Session One Hundred and Seventy-Three Hunting the Wight, and the kings’ march ends.
Session One Hundred and Seventy-Four: Dread Chorazin, and the Mad Bashirite of Dafna.
Session One Hundred and Seventy-Five: The road south; pursuit of the Harbingers.
Session One Hundred and Seventy-Six: Confronting the Harbingers, and Dietrich’s tribulation.
Session One Hundred and Seventy-Seven: Flight to the Circle of Giants. The Four Horsemen pursue.
Session One Hundred and Seventy-Eight: The vengeance of Damu who is Ashur. Kyrios of Antioch enters the Tempest.

Session One Hundred and Seventy-Nine: John of Brienne, King of the Ghouls, and the treachery of Timotei the Tall.
Session One Hundred and Eighty: Against the Ghouls of the Second Kingdom; Springing the Trap.
Session One Hundred and Eighty-One: The Reckoning of Timotei the Tall.
Session One Hundred and Eighty-Two: Plumbing the Mystery of Acre – Into the Void
Session One Hundred and Eighty-Three: The Void of Acre – three roads to the underworld.
Session One Hundred and Eighty-Four: The Ashen Band plots the Infiltration of Chastel Pelerin.
Session One Hundred and Eighty-Five: Shadows of Tyre and the Dream of Beirut.
Session One Hundred and Eighty-Six: Tripoli, the Spear of Destiny and the Web of Knives
Session One Hundred and Eighty-Seven: Intrigue and rumour-mongering at the kings’ soiree.
Session One Hundred and Eighty-Eight: Return to Acre, the Devil of Armenia makes his play.
Session One Hundred and Eighty-Nine: Andras Taragoš is taken; Into the Priory of St. Thomas of Canterbury.
Session One Hundred and Ninety: Final Death of a Phralmulo, and the Martyrdom of William of Bedford.

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