(modified from The Vampire Players Guide, 2nd ed, p. 53 & Mage the Ascension, p. 126)

You are able to enter a trance-like state at will, centering yourself and focusing your mind inward to deal with a range of mental and physical problems. Monks and hermits might use prayer, a pagan priest might have a sacred object or utterance or a sorcerer might have rather more arcane methods. Tales abound of other techniques from the distant east that involve preposterous notions such as ecstatic dancing or simply sitting for long periods with an empty mind, concentrating on one’s breathing.

Whatever the medium used, a successful Stamina + Meditation roll (difficulty 7) is necessary to enter this state, with each success representing the number of hours that it lasts. After the trance is obtained, a number of benefits might be attained, though never more than one of the following for each hour spent:

  • It can restore Willpower to a practitioner, granting strength through introspection. Roll Perception + Meditation (diff 9); each success restores one WP while a botch will strip one WP away.
  • Meditation can be used to make up for lost sleep, granting refreshment and unlocking energy. Roll Stamina + Meditation (diff 8); each success makes up for one lost hour of rest.
  • Mysteries and riddles can be explored while within the trance. Roll Intelligence + Meditation (diff 8), the difficulties of Enigmas rolls may be reduced by one per success.
  • The ravenous, violent and craven urgings of the Beast may be mitigated somewhat, although only a foolish Cainite relaxes their guard (see below). With a Wits + Meditation roll (diff 8), a Cainite may reduce the difficulties of all Frenzy rolls by one per success for the rest of the evening. A Botch result actually triggers the Red Rage.

The dice pool for a Cainite’s Meditation roll may not be higher than their Blood Pool, although whispers persist that those who have achieved the near mythical state of Golconda are free from this restriction. Meditation is an exacting skill to pursue, but the benefits to be gained are ultimately immeasurable to the tortured spirit.

  • Level One- Novice: You can be still and focus your thoughts for a short period of time. You have taken your first steps into a larger world, and glimpsed a peace that few Cainites might know.
  • Level Two- Practiced: Your mind can attain a state of peace. Your average Salubri or magus would be impressed with your control.
  • Level Three- Competent: You can centre your thoughts and your spirit under adverse circumstances. The Beast rarely succeeds in taking control.
  • Level Four- Expert: You can achieve a state of being where others find it hard to distract you. Your Beast knows better than to rattle its cage over anything but the most dire circumstances.
  • Level Five- Master: Even in times of disaster or intense stress, you are able to remain calm, at ease or inwardly focused. A master magus or a Salubri elder would be jealous of your control.
  • Level Six- Legendary: Perhaps some of the teachings of Saulot have found their way to you, or perhaps you studied at his feet. Cainites on “the ummapped road” seek you out for instruction.

Possessed By: Monks, Village Wise Women, Magi, Salubri, Tremere, Golconda-seekers
Specialties: Plumbing riddles, Refreshing Sleep, Regaining Willpower, Resisting the Beast, Prayer, Foci


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