Session Thirty

This session took place concurrently with the Gather scene, and a few nights before and after. Bernhard was not at the tower for any of it. For his whereabouts and actions during this time, please read the Gangrel Gather forum post here:

Ruminations of a Meddler

  • With the agreement of the coterie (less the absent Bernhard), Durga Syn read the tablets. She used both mundane and magical methods to limit the danger to herself and and the coterie, but as a result she did not glean as much as Perlina.
  • She has asked if the coterie could set up a meeting with her and the Malkavian in future, so they can compare notes.

*She did say that the coterie had attracted the attention of the ancients, who would never let them go if they did not take steps to protect themselves.

Ravnos Flight and Gangrel Pursuit

  • Durga Syn got wind of the Gangrel Revel coming her way (didn’t elucidate how), and she and Vassily Taltos rapidly made preparations to depart. She said that she had no desire to bring 20 ravening Gangrel down upon her new friends. She then used what appears to be sorcery to alter the weather, bringing a pea soup fog down over the tower and surrounding pass. She, Vassily and their kumpaniyas then departed north.
  • The Gangrel appeared a few hours later through the fog. They saw only a young peasant with a bandage wrapped around his head (Milov Petrenkov), a large barbarian wearing a bearskin cloak and bearing an axe (Arnulf the Goth), an old Romanian lord with razor sharp teeth and a white beard (Aleksandr Taratus of Rodna) and a peasant woman with unsettling eyes carrying a bow (Draguta), with about a half a dozen others barely visible beyond them.
  • Milov was leading the hunt, and tracking the Ravnos by their cart wheels. Howls in the distance told them that many other Gangrel were further out in the pass. Arnulf demanded to know where the Ravnos were, and Maude responded that they had some gypsies come through but had seen no Cainites, and in fact were stolen from themselves.
  • Arnulf threatened the coterie, saying they would be back if they found out Maude was lying. Taratus also told them that they were trespassing on the land of the rightful lord of the pass, and they should leave or suffer dire consequences. He was overheard conniving that the other Gangrel should help him slay the weaklings in the fort, but was ignored by the others in this.
  • George followed the Gangrel and reported later that they (and he also) had lost the Ravnos some miles to the north.

The Knight of Blood awakens

  • Maude cast her torpor recovery ritual on Sir Garnier de Cambrai, the Templar Knight of the Blood. He is very grateful, acknowledging that he owes them a very great boon. They find him to be extremely honourable and religious.
  • Maude also casts the same ritual over Sir Virgilio di Canobio, and he is briefly conscious to drink some blood before slipping back into torpor. It will take a great deal of blood to bring the elder Ventrue around. Frenzies occurred in both cases, and elaborate steps were taken to ensure safety.

Mercy Mission for Perlina

  • Having found the ritual to recover a Cainite from torpor successful, Maude, Sir Alaric and Veceslav left for Bistritz in company with Sgt. Mihor and Laszlo, leaving Iulia, Jals and Sir Garnier at the tower.
  • They went through Rothugel, not stopping, to avoid any possible entanglements with Radu or Arianne. It was a seven night round trip back to the tower, all in all.
  • Care was also taken to ‘map out’ secure wilderness shelters for the Cainites on this road. An excellent haven was found inside a hollowed hill; it was an old shrine or temple of some sort, bearing religious symbols of the Old Faith.
  • At Perlina’s estate, they met two more of her retainers, Karl the merchant and Fritz ritter, a rakish knight of Bistritz who was deeply uncomfortable with 3 Cainites in his house.
  • They also met Perlina’s ‘dear friend’, a Nosferatu called Brother Lukas who lives in the leper colony outside Kronstadt. Lukas said that he had received word that they were looking for Zelios, advised them of his character and then left to pass on a message to his sire, Prince Marusca, that
    Zelios should make all speed to Tihuta. He was dismissive of a boon, saying that their aid to his friend was quite sufficient, but if they would care to pass on a small message for him in turn at some point, he would be pleased.
  • Maude successfully conducted the ritual. Perlina also frenzied but the same steps were taken.
  • She later emerged on Lucas’ arm looking wan and drained, somewhat withdrawn but happy to see Maude, Veceslav and Sir Alaric.
  • She said that she was ‘fully committed’ to the tower project, offering her funds to facilitate ‘whatever’ they needed. Offers of replacement armour and weapons (as good as Bistritz can offer) were made here. The coterie said that they would make a list and send an animal messenger to her.


  • On the road back, they were ambushed in the narrow pass a couple miles south of the tower.
  • A great bear-like monster of a Gangrel sprang up out of his Earth Melded position and raked Sir Alaric from arm pit to belly, destroying his mail and laying him open (Mauled).
  • Two more Gangrel in wolf shape and two regular wolves (ghouls?) emerged from the rugged outcropping over the road and went at them too.
  • The coterie and their retainers guided their horses past the bear Gangrel and kept on going! Only Mihor scored a glancing hit as they dashed past.
  • The Gangrel set off in pursuit. The bear Gangrel assumed wolf shape too.
    Gaining some ground on the winding road, Maude, Veceslav, Laszlo and Mihor drew rein while Sir Alaric was instructed to continue on and get help from the tower.

Maude cleverly used her rituals to create a false path and extra mountain, misdirecting the Gangrel pursuers. She then hid herself inside the illusion while the others prepared themselves further down the track. The bear-wolf went straight over the side, careening painfully off the cliff wall and disappearing into space. He was followed by one of the Cainite wolves, who landed painfully on a ledge a score of feet below. The remaining Gangrel scrabbled for purchase and kept her footing. The regular wolves had already fallen behind, and lingered that way.

  • The remaining Gangrel tentatively began making her way through the illusion, using her touch and scent to counteract her blindness.
  • Meanwhile Maude and Veceslav amped, and the crone scattered her ‘bang bones’ on the path around the Gangrel. She then set them off, singing (and scaring) the blind Cainite, who immediately began resisting a fox frenzy and stepping back stiff-legged.
  • Maude (at STR 7) soccer ball kicked the Gangrel off of the trail, sending her careening off into space. She did not return, either slipping into fox frenzy entirely or simply taking the view that it wasn’t worth it.
  • Meanwhile, the other wolf Gangrel had healed her wounds, taken bat shape, and landed on the path. Mihor missed her with his charge on account of her shape-changing back into a wolf, but Veceslav laid her open with his claws (7 levels of aggravated wounds after soak!).
  • While they decided what do do with their incapacitated foe, Sir Alaric arrived with a number of others from the tower. It was decided that she must be questioned before further action was taken. Taking their fallen foe with them, they headed back to the tower, speculating on whether this was a response from the Gangrel as Arnulf and Taratus had threatened,  or merely an opportunistic bandit attack.


Attendance: Veceslav (2xp), Maude (3xp), Sir Alaric (2xp)
Absent: Bernhard von Billung (Greg, xp 0)

Session Thirty

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