Wraith Lore

Vampires are certainly responsible for more than their fair share of wraiths. Be it a botched feeding, the red rage brought on by a Frenzy, or the myriad vicious intrigues of the Jyhad, mortals often lose their lives due to the actions of Cainites. Perhaps then, it is good for the children of Caine that relatively few ghosts have the power to affect the physical world and take their revenge. Indeed, even fewer wraiths choose to interact with the world of vampires, and correspondingly few Cainites know much of them in turn.

Whether through first-hand experience with the souls of the dead, instruction from those who have links to the Underworld or exhaustive study from reliable sources, you know something of those that call themselves wraiths and the strange spiritual plane that they inhabit. Unlike the Occult Knowledge, most of what you believe about them is reliably true (although certainly not everything).

STORYTELLER NOTE: A certain amount of Occult is necessary to sift through the facts and fiction surrounding the supernatural. It is recommended that no character have a higher Lore rating than twice that of their Occult score.

  • Level One- Dabbler: You have a good (not certain) understanding of Wraith “physiognomy”- their strengths, weaknesses and some of their powers. You understand that they have societies like your own, and “disciplines” of their own. Finally, you have an inkling of the strange geography of the World of the Dead.
  • Level Two- Student: Your knowledge of Dead society is as good as that of an average Wraith. You know that there are categorically benign and malign, diametrically opposed factions of ghosts, but understand little of their dynamics. You’ve also seen examples of the various Wraith “Arcanoi”, and can identify a number of these powers with ease. You know the difference between the Shadowlands and the Tempest.
  • Level Three- Learned: Your understanding of Dead society is as good as that of a fairly well-informed Wraith. You know of the Empire of Stygia, and that it is opposed by certain other groups of Renegade Spirits as well as the Spectres, who seek to dissolve any hope in the Underworld and drag everything into a strange ghost hell called Oblivion.
  • Level Four- Scholar: You have an evolved understanding of the metaphysical concepts of Transcendence and Oblivion, as well an informed knowledge of the history of the Empire of Stygia. Colleagues in your chosen circles bow to your knowledge, and if your congress with the world of the Dead is unsubtle, your interest has begun to draw the attention of ghostly Powers That Be.
  • Level Five- Savant: You know as much about the Underworld as the wisest and most knowledgeable of wraiths. The history, customs, laws, social circles and Arcanoi are an open book to you.
  • Level Six- Visionary: Your knowledge of their kind has made you a legend to the wraiths. Charon and the Deathlords would feel threatened by you and take steps to neutralise your power- if they weren’t fearful that you already knew how to counter theirs in turn.

Possessed By: Wraiths, Spectres, Necromancers, Mediums, Cappadocians (especially Giovanni)

Specialties: Benign Spirits, Malign Spectres, Arcanoi, Shadowlands, Tempest, Underworld, Empire of Stygia, Fishers, Renegades, Wraith Politics

Wraith Lore

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