Cainites of Mediasch

Mediasch is thoroughly dominated by Prince Nova Arpad and her hastily assembled coterie of descendants and allies. A master of Cainite powers of mind control and persuasion, Nova swiftly put her house back in order after being liberated by the Iron Covenant. She has sought to reaffirm her influence over the Siebenburgen Guilds (with mixed results so far) and has Summoned her old Magyar vassals to Mediasch so that she might reestablish her control over the Boyars of Transylvania. Outsiders are welcome to visit, provided they show the proper respect to the “Overlord of the Siebenburgen”, but the prince will not tolerate Gangrel or Nosferatu unless they are profess enmity to Mitru of Klausenburg and Marusca of Hermannstadt.


  • Prince Nova Arpad of Mediasch, nominal Overlord of the Siebenburgen (7th gen Ventrue, Childe of Gregor von Pressburg, e. 1050 CE). Nova’s horrid incarceration at the hands of Ruxandra appears to have cured Nova of the lassitude that had overtaken her before her capture by Mitru. Indeed, the prince has developed a paranoid streak, and she has left her lavish villa outside the walls and moved into the surer security of Mediasch’s citadel. She has attacked the reestablishment of the Council of Ashes with a vengeance, and has the firm support of Prince Janos of Schaasburg. Princes’Radu of Bistritz, Bernhard of Kronstadt and Iulia of Weissenburg have all made varying overtures of support that have so far amounted to little. For now, Nova concentrates on shoring up her demesnes and making plans for the future, which with certainty includes revenge on her former captors.
  • Ernst Brömse (8th gen Ventrue, Childe of Nova Arpad, e. 1169 CE), Seneschal of Mediasch. Ernst is one of Nova’s younger childer and a first generation settler of the Siebenburgen. He was a silver trader in life, and eventually he left the Siebenburgen to oversee shipments of silver to the Arpad coffers in Esztergom, Pressburg and Buda-Pest. Ernst was one of the first of Nova’s childer to be recalled, and in addition to his own interests he performs as Nova’s seneschal.
  • Georg ritter von Schwarmstedt (9th gen Ventrue, Childe of Sándor Arpad [d], e. 1147 CE), Sheriff of Mediasch. Georg ritter is Nova’s grandchilde, and has spent much of his time in Bavaria since leaving Nova’s service thirty years ago. He has established significant links to the Holy Roman Ventrue from his time in the west. A former student of Vencel Rikard, he walks the Road of Chivalry, and fulfills his duty as sheriff with dignity and honour that sometimes draws approbation from his prince.
  • Pedrag Hesek (8th gen Ventrue, Childe of Nova Arpad, e. 1185 CE), envoy of the Prince). Pedrag is Nova’s youngest childe, having been released a matter of months before her imprisonment. He has spent much of the intervening time in the courts of Hungary and touring Italy and southern France as well. He is smooth and polished in his manner, has a good command of foreign languages, and makes for a fair negotiator. Nova was quick to send word to him when she was liberated, and he now represents her when Mediasch needs to have a presence abroad.
Frequent Visitors
  • Lady Arianne (7th gen Toreador, Childe of Olivier, e. 1120 CE). This beautiful member of the Clan of the Rose is on an extended tour of the East. She spends much of her time of late shuttling between the courts of Mediasch and Schaasburg, and now spends little time in Bistritz, where she has apparently begun to outwear her welcome. Arianne is believed to be tutoring the Cainites of Mediasch and Schaasburg in western Cainite customs and the ideals of Courtly Love.
  • Tiberiu the Messenger (10th gen Gangrel, Childe of Harnuth [d], e. 1090 CE). With Prince Nova’s stated intention of reforming the Council of Ashes, Tiberiu has once again been called upon to provide communication between the princes of the Siebenburgen. He can be found in Mediasch once or twice a month.


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